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For almost 20 years, DFW Fence Repair has been providing the Plano, TX area with gate and fence repair service. From installation that includes staining and custom designs to repairs, our contractors are with you every step of the way in your gate and fence maintenance process. Gates and fences not only help boost security and protection for your home or business, but add aesthetic appeal and increase property value. Whether you are needing a gate to with a regular residential fence around your yard, or are looking for more grand versions like an automatic gate or estate gate, we are the company to call for installations. Our expert fence and gate contractors can help you with any questions or anything you many need to get your gate or fence service underway. Call us today at 469-342-3003 for a free estimate!

Do You Need Gate or Fence Repairs?

While fences and gates serve the same purpose in providing security and privacy, their functions and benefits vary drastically. Fences provide a border around your property to help claim property lines and enclose your valuables from the outside world. The transparency and strength of fences can differ depending on the material. Wood provides complete privacy since it is opaque, but has negative side effects like rotting and a shorter lifespan. You can prevent this with wood staining, which is a protective chemical coating painted over the fence to prevent moisture and insects from eating away at the wood, helping it to last longer. Metal fences like wrought iron and chain link have long lifespans and are extremely durable, but provide less privacy as they have spaces in between the bars and wires that onlookers can see through. Here at DFW Fence Repair, we do offer custom fence designs, so if you are wanting a metal fence with more privacy, we can intertwine it with wood or other non-see through materials.

Our Gate and Fence Repair Service Contractors Can Install Any Type of System

Besides fence repair service, we also offer all kinds of gate services. Gates have more variety, and therefore have more styles and options to choose from. They can be manual or automatic, swinging or sliding, and made of a multitude of materials. If you are needing an estate or driveway gate, automatic gates are recommended. That way, you don’t have to get out of your car to open the gate, drive through, and get out again to close it. Automatic gates also make for great security and can be customized with intercoms, cameras, keypads and more for your convenience and peace of mind. Automatic gates can be swinging or sliding depending on your preference and if you have enough room for the gate to swing open and closed. For the more eco-conscious people, solar gates open and close using solar energy instead of electricity, helping to reduce your energy bill.

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Make your home or business as secure as it can be with installation of a gate or fence. Our fence and gate contractors will work diligently and quickly to provide you with a quality product so your property isn’t vulnerable any longer than needed. With the brands of gates and fences we carry, not only are you guaranteed premier gate and fence repair service in the Plano, TX area, but will have a beautiful system that supplies supreme protection. To schedule an appointment for gate or fence repair service with our company, call us today at 469-342-3003!

Gate Types

Types of Gates We Service

A Lot of Homeowners Have Automatic Driveway Gates That Are Swinging or Sliding

There are a multitude of gates available that we can install in your home or business. Are you looking for an automatic gate that opens with the click of a button or motion sensors? These are good for high traffic areas like driveways or at the front of your estate, whether that be a home or commercial property, like an apartment complex or gated community. Automatic gates also work well as security gates. A type of security gate is the electric gate, which are seen in commercial properties like parking garages that only raise up to let cars pass after being prompted somehow, like by paying or a security guard pressing a button. Chain link gates are usually paired with chain link fences, but some out-of-the-box thinkers will mix and match this type of gate with other fencing materials for a unique and eye-catching look. Have a pool and need to keep curious children from getting near and falling in? A pool safety gate has child-proof locks that are high up that only adults can reach. Gates can come in many finishes like wrought iron, wood, or custom made with whatever durable material you want. You have the option of choosing a swinging or sliding gate. For gate and fence repair service in Plano, TX, call our contractors at DFW Fence Repair today at 469-342-3003!

  • Custom Iron Gates If you are wanting a wrought iron gate, but are wanting certain customization like mixed materials or elaborate designs, we are the company to call!
  • Automatic Gates Automatic gates are a convenient and great security measure that saves you the backbreaking work of manually opening and closing heavy gates.
  • Chain Link Gates Chain link gates provide visibility while still being durable, and are the most affordable gate type available.
  • Driveway Gates Driveway gates are becoming more popular as homeowners are loving the added security and curb appeal it provides.
  • Electric Gates Electric gates are often seen in commercial properties. An example of an electric gate would be the gate at the parking garage that won’t lift unless you pay.
  • Estate Gates Estate gates go at the beginning of a residential or commercial property. For commercial properties, they make great community gates or apartment complex gates.
  • Security Gates Security gates are made of tougher material, are taller and provide no footholds for would-be burglars to climb over or see through.
  • Pool Gates Pool gates keep your children and pets safe by having the lock and handle only within reach of adults to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Solar Gates Solar gates use stored UV energy to open and close. One day of a sun’s energy allows a gate to open and close 10 times!
  • Wood Gates Wood gates are beautiful and tough security gates. you can get them as solid or paneled gates depending on the level of privacy you want.
  • Sliding Gates Sliding gates open and close horizontally and require less room to operate, but more parts to make it function.
  • Swing Gates Swing gates need more room to operate, as it has to be wide enough to fit and have enough vertical room to open out.

Gate Services

If You Need Automatic or Access Control Gate Repairs, Call For Our Gate and Fence Repair Service Today!

Gate Repair Service

If you have an automatic gate, be forewarned that they will require more maintenance than a manual gate. As automatic gates have to have a tack, pulley, wheels, electrical setup, batteries, and more installed in order for the gate to operate, this gives more parts chances to break down. Manual gates often only have hinges that can rust or break that would need to be replaced. If you are a commercial property, crazy things can happen to your gate, like cars crashing into them. If this happens, call us for fence and gate repair service right away to get your property protected again. Residential homes can see burglars, pets, wild animals, mischievous children, and weather do harm to their gates. Whatever the situation may be, the fence and gate contractors at DFW Fence Repair are here to help and can handle it! If your gate is beyond repair and needs replacing, we provide gate installation services, as well. For fence and gate repair service in Plano, TX, call us today at 469-342-3003!

  • Automatic Gate Repair If your automatic gate is malfunctioning, call us for gate repair service today!
  • Access Control Gates Access control gates can be monitored by remote controls, security cameras, intercoms, keypads, and more! All of these could break and need repairs.
  • Commercial Gate Repair Keep your commercial property secure and get your commercial gate repaired as soon as possible!
  • Residential Gate Repair Residential gates can get damaged from a multitude of things, but our contractors can repair it in no time!
  • Gate Installation Whether your current gate is beyond repair and needs replacing or you are wanting a new gate style altogether, we are the gate installation experts!


Types of Fences We Service

Wood Fences Make Great Privacy and Security Fences. Call For Our Fence Repair Service Today

As our name suggests, DFW Fence Repair are experts at fence repair service! Starting our business originally only repairing fences, we have mastered this technique and can service any kind of fence! From the standard wood fences like pine and cedar to more complicated ones like security fences, our contractors can repair your fence! If you have a wood fence like pine or cedar, or even a picket fence, we recommend getting a wood staining applied on top of it that helps extend its life by preventing wood rot. Metal is always a durable choice, and we can install and repair fences of that kind that wrought iron and chain link. If you have a pool in your backyard like many Texans do, getting a pool safety fence helps to prevent traumatic children drownings. We can install or repair removable or permanent pool safety fences. If a car crashed into your fence and knocked it down or a severe storm left your home vulnerable, we provide emergency fence repair service in Plano, TX, as well! Just give us a call at 469-342-3003 and we’ll be on our way!

  • Fence Repair If your fence is looking worse for wear, call us for fence repair service today!
  • Fence Staining Fence staining is a chemical wood treatment that is painted on your wood fences to extend their lifespan and prevent wood rot.
  • Fence Replacement Fences take a lot of beatings over the years from animals and weather. If you need fence replacement, call us!
  • Pool Safety Fences Pool safety fences can be removable or permanent and keep children and pets from falling into the pool.
  • Security Fences Security fences are tall, durable, and provide no footholds for intruders to be able to climb over.
  • Wrought Iron Fences Wrought iron fences give your yard a classic feel while providing superior protection. You can add spikes on top for increased security.
  • Custom Fence Design If you are wanting to mix fence materials to create a beautiful and durable fence, we provide custom fence designs!
  • Chain Link Fences Chain link fences are strong enough to withstand a car ramming into them! They allow visibility and are hard to climb, which are great security measures.
  • Picket Fences For the classic American yard, get a picket fence! You can have the wood in its natural color or paint over it to give it a cuter appearance.
  • Pine / Cedar Fences Pine and cedar fences are the most common fences for residential properties as they provide the most privacy.
  • Emergency Fence Repair If your fence has fallen down and you require our emergency fence repair service, call us now and we’ll be out there as soon as possible!

Farm and Ranch

We Provide Fence Repair Service Catered to Farm and Ranch Fences and Gates

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Many people in Texas are farmers and ranchers, which is why DFW Fence Repair provides a whole section of fencing dedicated to their job. Keep your livestock and crops safe and contained with quality fencing and proper installation. Choosing the right type of fence is extremely important as well, as animals drastically vary in what they can be fenced in. For example, cattle do just fine with barbed wire fencing, but horses will severely injure themselves and get tangled in the barbs since they like to brush up and kick against the fence rails. Knowing your budget, farm land, animals, and climate will help you choose the best farm fencing type. If you need help or have any questions about our farm fence repair service in Plano, TX,call us today at 469-342-3003.

  • Barbed Wire Fencing Barbed wire is a cheap but effective security fence to prevent thieves and intruders from entering your property.
  • Cattle Fencing Cattle need strong fencing that keeps them from escaping or wandering. Electric, barbed wire, and split rail are great options.
  • Horse Fencing Horses kick and rub up against fences and break them easily, so you have to choose a durable fence that won’t hurt them if it breaks. Pipe or mesh fences are the best.
  • Electric Fence Electric fences zap the ground, and therefore the animals’ hooves when they get too close to fence, telling them to back away from the barrier.
  • Pipe & Cable Fencing Pipe and cable fencing is made form metal and durable. They provide enough visibility but are strong enough that horses can’t break them.
  • Split Rail Fencing Split rail wood fences are the classic farm fences, but rot over time and require maintenance. Horses can split the wood in half if they ram it hard enough.