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Gates and fences are a subtle and attractive way to quietly increase security for your residential property or commercial property. Coming in variety of styles, systems, and designs, there are a variety of options to pick from. If you don’t see an option that exactly speaks to you, design your own with the assistance of our fence contractors who can custom design your gate or fence. DFW Fence Repair is the fence repair company in Lavon, TX to phone when you want something simple like a chain link fence installed or need your high-tech automatic swinging gate repaired. Contact our office at 469-342-3003 and get a estimate or to set up an appointment for gate or fence services today.

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While gates and fences can be created out of the same materials and be installed and mesh well together, they supply different purposes. Gates differ from fences in that they move back and forth and allow you to enter and exit a property. To confine and shield the whole residence, fences are installed deep into the ground, making them unmoving. Common components that both systems are created out of are pine and iron. These are popular because of their beauty and strength and long lifespans. Wrought iron is very versatile, able to be utilized as decorative garden gates, pool safety gates, or protective security fences. Cedar makes for excellent privacy fences as the tall boards deter voyeurs. If you want a bit of a vantage point, you can space the boards out, like you would see on rustic five paneled gates.

Local Ranch and Farm Fence Services

Texas is a large agricultural state, and lots of people are farmers and ranchers. Residential and commercial fencing cannot be used on farm and ranchland fencing because it would provide no visibility to see livestock and crops and animals could hurt themselves on the security fences. Our fence repair company in Lavon, TX supplies fencing geared toward farmers and ranchers. If you are needing farm fences like electric, pipe and cable, or split rail installed or repaired, our company can help. We provide both cattle and horse fencing, since they need different types. Click on the links in the list below to learn more about all the fence and gate installation and repair services we offer to your city. Need repair of a certain farm fence or ranch fence but don’t see it on the list? Phone our fence repair company at 469-342-3003 to see if our contractors can supply that service.

Gate Types

Our Gate and Fence Repair Company Can Install Any Type of Gate

Types of Gates Our Contractors Install

Gates often come in sliding or swing forms, though there are those that lift up and down. No matter if you are a business and home property, our Lavon, TX gate and fence repair company provides gate services to both. Electric or Estate gates are best for commercial businesses that require more protection. Residential properties have more gate styles available, from styles like driveway to even solar gates. Our contractors can assist you choose a gate type when you call our fence repair company at 469-342-3003.

  • Custom Iron Gates We can custom craft and install a iron gate for you.
  • Automatic Gates Automatic gates are typically seen as driveway or estate gates.
  • Chain Link Gates For a tough and visible gate, chain link gates are a great choice.
  • Driveway Gates A lot of homes have driveway gates as they are convenient and protective.
  • Electric Gates An example of an electric gate would be the gate at the parking garage that won’t lift until you pay.
  • Estate Gates Estate gates can also function as driveway gates.
  • Security Gates If you are wanting the more impenetrable gate created, pick a security gate.
  • Pool Gates Deter child drownings with pool safety gates.
  • Solar Gates Solar gates operate best for residential homes as commercial properties will use up the stored UV energy too quickly.
  • Wood Gates Most privacy gates are designed from cedar or pine because they are opaque.
  • Sliding Gates Sliding gates function by moving on wheels left and right.
  • Swing Gates Swing gates are available in small or grand styles.

Gate Repair Services

If You Need Your Gate Fixed, Our Gate and Fence Repair Company Is Here to Help

Gate Repair Services We Provide

Automatic gate owners typically purchase access control perks like keypads or remote controls for increased protection. Excellent for protection and convenience, it is annoying when these technological access control advantages do fail and break down. Our fence repair company in Lavon, TX supplies automatic gate repair services. You can call our company at 469-342-3003.

Fence Types

Our Fence Repair Company Can Install Fences Like Privacy, Wrought Iron, Security, and More!

Local Fence Repairs

Fences heighten security of your property and help to announce ownership of land by outlining property lines. To keep thieves away and your valuables safe, fences are a beautiful way to achieve that. Fences are available in a variety of forms and components to enhance security and attractiveness. Wrought iron is a attractive fence that still has impenetrable defenses, making it a great security fence, for example. Reach our Lavon, TX fence repair company at 469-342-3003 now if you need fence repair or installation.

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Our Fence Repair Company Also Proudly Caters To Farm and Ranch Fencing

Ranch Fencing and Farm Fence Company

Farm and ranch fences need different fencing from company and residential fences. To keep Livestock from escaping and hurting themselves, farm and ranch need to have visibility, which many regular fences are designed to not have. Electric, barbed wire, and split rail ranch fences supply visibility but keep the cattle contained. Horses kick and ram fencing, so ranch fence repairs are more common with horse owners. Horses get tangled and seriously injured in barbed wire fencing, so they are illegal in some states. Pipe is the sturdiest, but electric and split rail fences will work fine, as well. Call 469-342-3003 today for farm and ranch fence installation in Lavon, TX by our fence repair company.

  • Barbed Wire Fencing Barbed wire is cost effective and tough.
  • Cattle Fencing There are many types to pick from for cattle fences.
  • Horse Fencing Horses need tough fencing that can withstand their powerful kicks.
  • Electric Fence Electric fences keep animals contained and intruders out.
  • Pipe & Cable Fencing Pipe and cable fencing are good for horses because they bend when stepped on and horses won’t get injured in the wires.
  • Split Rail Fencing Split rail fencing can be customized and painted different colors.