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If you are wanting to enhance security for your residential property or business, fences and gates are a beautiful way to achieve that. Coming in variety of types, systems, and patterns, there are plenty of options to select from. If you are wanting to combine styles like iron and brick, our company can do that! Our fence repair company offers custom gate and fence creations to satisfy your beauty and security wants. Whether you are looking to add a bit of timeless flair to your yard or landscaping with a wrought iron fence or are wanting an automatic driveway gate installed, DFW Fence Repair is the gate and fencing company to reach in Seagoville, TX! To get a estimate or to set up an appointment, reach our contractors at 469-342-3003 today!

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While fences and gates are often designed out of the same components to work together, they serve completely different functions. Gates function by swinging or sliding to and fro to allow you to enter and leave a property. Fences are installed deep into the ground and are fixed to enclose and secure the entire residence. Popular components that both systems are designed out of are cedar and wrought iron. Thanks to their long lifespans, strong makeup, and overall aesthetic appeal, it is no wonder why these components are in such high demand. Wrought iron is very multifunctional, able to be used as ornamental garden gates, pool safety gates, or impenetrable security fences. If you are wanting a privacy fence that no intruders can view through, opaque and tall wood boards make a superb choice. For more transparency, you can space the wood fence panels out like seen on traditional five paneled gates, or cut holes into the fence.

Quality Ranch and Farm Fence Services

Texas is the top producer of cattle and cotton agriculture across America. Farmers and ranchland require different fencing from residential and commercial fencing in order to protect their livestock and crops. Our fence repair company in Seagoville, TX offers fencing catered for farmers and ranchers. We install and repair farm fences like barbed wire, pipe and cable, split rail, and more. We also service fencing just for cattle and horses. Click on the links in the list below to learn more about all the fence and gate services we provide to your city. Need repair of a certain farm fence or ranch fence but don’t see it on the list? Phone our fence repair company at 469-342-3003 to see if our contractors can provide that service.

Gate Types

Our Gate and Fence Repair Company Can Install Any Type of Gate

Types of Gates Our Contractors Services

Swinging and sliding gates are the most well-known types of gates, but other forms like lifting and rising gates that open up and down are made. Whether you are a business and home property, our Seagoville, TX gate and fence repair company offers services to both. Commercial businesses need more security, so electric or estate gates are recommended. Residential properties have more gate choices available, from styles like driveway to even solar gates. For assistance picking a gate style, reach our fence repair company at 469-342-3003 today.

  • Custom Iron Gates Our contractors can craft your custom iron gate when you contact us today!
  • Automatic Gates If you’re tired of manually opening the gate all the time, get an automatic version!
  • Chain Link Gates If you already have a chain link fence installed, a chain link gate blends right in!
  • Driveway Gates Driveway gates can be sliding, swinging, automatic, or manual.
  • Electric Gates Electric gates are great for commercial properties that see a lot of traffic.
  • Estate Gates Estate gates are found at the front of properties, like on farms or apartment complexes.
  • Security Gates For the ultimate security, go with the more impenetrable gate created-the security gate.
  • Pool Gates Children can’t reach and enter the swimming pool safety gates, deterring them from falling into the pool.
  • Solar Gates Solar gates function best for residential homes as commercial properties will use up the stored UV energy too quickly.
  • Wood Gates Cedar or pine gives a rustic visual, but is strong and long-lasting.
  • Sliding Gates Sliding gates are the most common type of automatic gates.
  • Swing Gates Swing gates need less maintenance than sliding gates.

Gate Repair Services

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Home and Company Gate Services

Automatic gates often come with access control benefits like motion sensors or remote controls. Great for protection and convenience, it is annoying when these technological access control extras do fail and get damaged. Our fence repair company in Seagoville, TX offers access control gate repair services. To schedule an appointment for repairs, call our contractors at 469-342-3003.

Fence Types

Our Fence Repair Company Can Install Fences Like Privacy, Wrought Iron, Security, and More!

Fence Installation and Repair Services

For better protection and a clear division of your property, fences are the way to go! Increase your property value while keeping intruders away with a fence. Whether you are getting a fence for protection or aesthetic purposes, there are a variety of forms and materials to choose from. Iron is a beautiful fence that still has impenetrable defenses, making it a great security fence, for example. If you require fence repair or installation in Seagoville, TX, contact our fence repair company at 469-342-3003 now.

  • Fence Repair If you are wanting fencing repair, contact us today!
  • Fence Staining The chemical in wood staining helps your wood fences last longer and not rot.
  • Fence Replacement If you are needing fencing replacement, contact our company today!
  • Pool Safety Fences Swimming pool fences make to where adults can enter the swimming pool but children cannot.
  • Security Fences If you are wanting the most secure fencing available, go with a security fence.
  • Wrought Iron Fences Reach us now for ironfencing installation.
  • Custom Fence Design Our contractors can craft your custom fencing when you call our fence repair company today!
  • Chain Link Fences If you already have a chain link gate, chain link fencing compliments it nicely!
  • Picket Fences Picket fencing make adorable additions to your yard.
  • Pine / Cedar Fences For a strong and gorgeous fencing, pick wood.
  • Emergency Fence Repair If you are needing immediate fence repair services, contact our company today!

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Our Fence Repair Company Also Proudly Caters To Farm and Ranch Fencing

Ranch Style Fence and Farm Fence Installations and Repairs

Farm and ranch fencing need different fencing from business and home fences. To keep horses and cattle from wandering and hurting themselves, farm need to have visibility, which many regular fences are designed to not have. The best farm and ranch fence styles are barbed wire, electric, or split rail for cattle so they can still be seen but are enclosed. Horses kick and ram ranch style fencing, so these fencing types have to be more sturdy. Horses get tangled and seriously injured in barbed wire, so they are illegal in some states. The best horse fencing are made of pipe and cable, electric, or split rail. Reach 469-342-3003 today for farm and ranch fencing installation in Seagoville, TX by our fence repair company.