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For a natural and subtle way to make your residence or company more secure, get a fence or gate installed! You can pick from the multitude of types, systems, and patterns to achieve your perfect fence or gate. If you have a certain pattern in mind but it is nowhere in stores, you can get it custom designed by our company! DFW Fence Repair is the fence repair company in Weatherford, TX to phone when you want something timeless like a wrought iron fence installed or need your high-tech automatic driveway gate repaired. Phone us today at 469-342-3003 for a free estimate or to set up an appointment.

Gate and Fencing Repair in Your City

Call Our Fence Repair Company For Any Fence or Gate Services

Fences and gates are commonly made out of the same components to mesh well together, but they serve completely different purposes. Gates operate by swinging or sliding back and forth to allow you to enter and exit a property. Fences are installed deep into the ground and are fixed to envelop and safeguard the whole residence. Popular elements that both systems are designed out of are pine and wrought iron. Thanks to their long lifespans, strong makeup, and overall attractiveness, it is no wonder why these materials are best selling. Wrought iron can be used as anything from a decorative garden gate to a full security fence, to even a pool safety fence! If you are wanting a privacy fence that no intruders can see through, opaque and tall cedar panels make a superb choice. If you would like to look out, you can space the fence panels apart or custom design windows or holes in your fence for dog peepholes.

We Offer Ranch and Farm Fencing, Too!

There are more than 248,000 ranches in Texas. Residential and commercial fencing can’t be used on farmland and ranch fencing because it would provide no visibility to see livestock and crops and animals could hurt themselves on the security fences. Our fence repair company provides specific styles of gates and fences in Weatherford, TX just for farmers and ranchers. Farm fences like electric, pipe and cable and split rail are available to be installed or repaired by our company. We also make fencing exclusively for cattle and horses. Below is a list of all the fence and gate installation and repair services we provide to your city. Click on the links to learn more. If you have any questions or don’t see the farm fence or ranch fence service you need listed, call us at 469-342-3003.

Gate Types

Our Gate and Fence Repair Company Can Install Any Type of Gate

Types of Gates Our Contractors Services

Gates often come in sliding or swinging forms, though there are those that lift up and down. No matter if you are a business and home property, our Weatherford, TX gate and fence repair company supplies gate services to both. If you are a commercial business and looking for more security, electric or security gates are recommended. Residential properties have more gate options available, like solar gates and driveway gates. Call us at 469-342-3003 if you have any questions regarding our gate services.

  • Custom Iron Gates We can custom build and install a iron gate for you.
  • Automatic Gates Automatic gates save you the manual labor of opening the gate to drive through every day.
  • Chain Link Gates Chain link gates are so sturdy, they can endure a car ramming into them!
  • Driveway Gates A lot of homes have driveway gates as they are convenient and secure.
  • Electric Gates An example of an electric gate would be the gate at the car parking garage that will not rise up unless you pay.
  • Estate Gates Estate gates are installed at the front of properties, like on ranches or gated communities.
  • Security Gates Security gates come in many types, but all supply the same purpose.
  • Pool Gates Avoid child drownings with swimming pool gates.
  • Solar Gates One day of the stored energy from UV allows a gate to function ten times.
  • Wood Gates Cedar can be customized to appear in many different versions of gates.
  • Sliding Gates Sliding gates can come in manual or automatic forms.
  • Swing Gates Swing gates require less maintenance than sliding gates.

Gate Repair Services

If You Need Your Gate Fixed, Our Gate and Fence Repair Company Is Here to Help

Gate Repair Services Our Contractors Supply

Keypads or remote controls are common access control perks that many gate owners add to their automatic gates. These technological perks are great for protection and convenience, but are frustrating when they break down. Our fence repair company in Weatherford, TX offers gate repair services for when your residential or commercial gates aren’t working. To set up an appointment for repairs, contact our company at 469-342-3003.

  • Automatic Gate Repair Automatic gates are temperamental and canmalfunction easily.
  • Access Control Gates Access control gates can be operated by remote controls or security cameras which could malfunction and need repairs.
  • Commercial Gate Repair Our company can fix your malfunctioning commercial gate when you give us a phone today!
  • Residential Gate Repair Protect your home by getting your malfunctioning residential gate repaired as soon as possible.
  • Gate Installation If you are wanting a new gate installed, contact our company today!

Fence Types

Our Fence Repair Company Can Install Fences Like Privacy, Wrought Iron, Security, and More!

Services Our Fence Contractors Provide

For better protection and a clear establishment of your property, fences are the way to go! Not only do they increase property value, they help shield your loved ones and keep thieves away. Fences come in a variety of materials and forms depending on your aesthetic tastes and protection preferences. For example, if you are looking for a security fence that can double as an aesthetic decorative piece, wrought iron is a great option. Call our company today at 469-342-3003 for fence repair or installation in Weatherford, TX by our fence repair company.

  • Fence Repair If you are wanting fencing repair, contact our company today!
  • Fence Staining Fence staining helps stop wood decay.
  • Fence Replacement Call our company today for fence replacement.
  • Pool Safety Fences Children can’t reach and enter the swimming pool safety fences, detering them from falling into the pool.
  • Security Fences Security fencing make it difficult for burglars to climb over.
  • Wrought Iron Fences Wrought iron fencing offer transparency but are difficult to climb over, making them great security fencing.
  • Custom Fence Design Our contractors can design the perfect fence of your dreams!
  • Chain Link Fences For a sturdy and visible gate, chain link fence are a great choice.
  • Picket Fences Picket fences make cute additions to your garden.
  • Pine / Cedar Fences Most privacy fencing are designed out of cedar or pine as they are opaque.
  • Emergency Fence Repair If you are needing emergency fence repair services, contact us today!

Farm and Ranch Fencing

Our Fence Repair Company Also Proudly Caters To Farm and Ranch Fencing

Ranch Fence and Farm Fence Installations

Farm and ranch fences need different fencing from business and home fences. Horses and cattle like to rub up against fence rails, and types like chain link or iron could injure them, plus the tall wood fences offer no visibility to check on your animals. The best farm fence styles are barbed wire, electric, or split rail for cattle so they can still be visible but are contained. Ranch style fence installations have to be tough and strong if you have a horse because they like to buck and ram the fencing. Horses get tangled and seriously injured in barbed wire, so they are outlawed in some states. Pipe is the best fencing for horses as it is the sturdiest, but electric and split rail fences will work, too. Contact our Weatherford, TX fence repair company for farm fencing installation at 469-342-3003 now.

  • Barbed Wire Fencing Barbed wire fencing is budget friendly and tough.
  • Cattle Fencing Fences that allows cattle to stick their heads out and for you to see them are best.
  • Horse Fencing The best horse fences are pipe and cable or split rail.
  • Electric Fence Electric fencing are good for both horses and cattle.
  • Pipe & Cable Fencing Pipe and cable fencing are good for horses because they bend under pressure and horses won’t get injured in the wires.
  • Split Rail Fencing Split rail fences are used for both cattle and horse fencing.