Farm and Ranch Fencing in Plano, TX

Ranch and Farm Fencing Blocks Off Property, Contains Livestock, and Prevents Intruders

Being a farmer, having fencing for your land is vital in protecting your crops and livestock. If you own a large amount of land, fencing it all in can seem expensive and unnecessary, but it is crucial is preventing theft and destruction. Choosing the right type of fencing is also important, depending on the types of animals on your property, the climate, and vegetation. Some animals need to be kept away from each other while others can co-habitate. All animals need to be kept away from crops. Some fences work better in certain climates or weather. For instance, having an electric fence when you live near a pond or swamp is not the best idea. If you are needing ranch or farm fencing in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

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There are many variations of ranch fencing and farm fencing, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. If you just need something to mark off your property, barbed wire is a great choice. If you have horses, you need more durable fencing options, like split rail or pipe and cable fences that can handle the kicks and body slams that horses constantly give it. For cattle, any fencing works, but electric fences seem to do the best job. Each state has certain fencing laws, so be sure to be aware of yours before becoming set on one type of fencing. For example, a lot of states will not allow barbed wire fencing for horse containment because horses cannot see the thin wires and seriously injure themselves.

Budget also plays a big role in farm fencing. Barbed wire is the cheapest option, and so are other forms of wire fencing. Depending on the time you buy wood and the demand, split rail fences can be quite expensive. Ranch fencing types like pipe and electric fences are more durable to handle rowdy horses, so they cost about even upon installation but don’t require much maintenance over their lifetimes. Below is a list of ranch and farm fencing services we provide. Click on the links to learn more.

  • Barbed Wire Fencing An affordable security fencing method, barbed wire is good for properties with crops or cattle.
  • Cattle Fencing The best cattle fences are split rail, pipe and cable, or electric fences. Cattle like to stick their heads through fence rails, and these options provide the space to do it.
  • Horse Fencing Horses tend to kick down fences, so they need to be strong. The best options are pipe and cable, split rail, or no climb, where if they do knock the fence down, they don’t get tangled in it.
  • Electric Fence Electric fences are safer than barbed wire fences and only give a quick shock to animals to tell them to get away from the fence.
  • Pipe & Cable Fencing Pipe and cable fences are made of metal pipes and wires that are strong yet durable, so if horses knock them down, they can untangle themselves.
  • Split Rail Fencing Split rail wood fences provide the classic farm fence look while being durable and affordable.

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Whether you are looking for just durability, or want a fence with aesthetic appeal, we here at DFW Fence Repair can help you find the perfect farm fence or ranch fence that works best for your needs and budget. Long-lasting fencing with quality installation is what our team strives for. Call us at 469-342-3003 for ranch or farm fencing installation or repairs in Plano, TX.