Barbed Wire Fencing Installation

A classic type of security fence is the barbed wire fence. Sharp barbs are pointing out every couple of inches of the metal wiring, so whoever touches it feels a quick jab of pain. Some places like correctional facilities have spiraled barbed wire on top of the fencing as well to prevent incomers or escapees. A barbed wire fence is mostly used for farming as it helps to corral to the animals and keep them from wandering off. Many people view barbed wire fencing as cruel, but it is no more painful than stepping on a push pin and warns the animals that they are too close to the edge of the land and to move inward, which they do. They will only be severely hurt if they charge at the fencing, which shouldn’t happen after learning that it is sharp. If you are interested in getting barbed wire fence repair or installation in Plano, TX for your farm or ranch, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

Barb Wire Fence Benefits

A Barbed Wire Fence Is Great For Containing Cattle and Preventing Intruders

Protects Crops: Like many farmers, you might have both livestock and crops. Keeping them separate is vital in making sure that your cattle don’t eat your vegetation. Putting barbed wire around your crops will not only deter your livestock, but any potential thieves- human or animal, like squirrels or birds.
Keeps Cattle Contained: Your livestock is your livelihood. Don’t lose it by losing your cattle! Keeping them contained on your property not only ensures their safety, but helps you keep an eye on them.
Prevents Intruders: Whether it be mischievous teenagers looking to rough up some farmland and cattle, or burglars hoping to steal away with something of value,a barbed wire fence is a great deterrent from theft due to their ominous nature and great security.
Cost Effective: Made of steel wire with steel posts, barbed wire is lightweight but strong. Steel is also very affordable.
Long Lasting: Barbed wire fencing lasts up to 30 years, making them a durable and lasting fencing material for a budget friendly price.

Get Your Barbed Wire Fence Installed Today!

Depending on your livestock, barbed wire fencing can be a great investment in protecting your property. A barb wire fence is great for containing cattle, or separating them from horses. Depending on what you are comfortable with and your budget will help you make the best fencing decision. If you are interested in getting barbed wire fence installation for your farm or ranch in Plano, TX though, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 for more information. We can answer any questions you have about fencing and gates.