Secure Cattle Fencing

Fencing in cattle is vital to maintaining count of your livestock. Cows are similar to people. Calves will run away just like playful children. The more introverted cows will wander off on their own away from the pack. The hungrier ones will stay behind while the rest move on. Keeping track of cattle is a full-time job! That is why keeping them all contained on your land with a secure fence is so important. If you need cattle fence installation or repair in Plano, TX, call the fencing contractors at DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

Types of Cattle Fencing

A Cattle Fence is Necessary to Keeping Livestock Contained and Secure

Barbed Wire: There are many options for cattle fencing. Barbed wire seems to work the best and is therefore the most common. Cattle can still see and get close to the edge of the fence for human contact, but cannot escape due to the physical barrier of the cattle wire fence. Cows are also very skittish, and barbed wire blows in the wind, which discourages the animals from approaching it.

Electric Fence: An electric cattle fence is also very popular. If you have a lot of young calves, an electric fence can protect them from being eaten from predators like coyotes. Electric fences are not recommended for farmland near a lot of water or vegetation as the wiring could easily get short-circuited and harm your livestock.

Split Rail: Rail fences are to show off animals and to make them easier to access. Consisting of two horizontal planks per each panel, this type of cattle fence gives the cows room to stick their heads through it for pettings or access to more grass. If made of wood, cattle can ram against it and break it, escaping. A split rail cattle panel fence holds up better with metal pipes.

Cattle Fence Installation and Repair

For all of your farm fencing services, the contractors at DFW Fence Repair are here to help you! If you need cattle fence installation or repair in Plano, TX, call us today at 469-342-3003! We also provide other farm and ranch fencing and gate services like horse fencing and pipe and cable services.