Painless Electric Fencing

An Electric Fence is a Safer and More Durable Option To Barbed Wire Fencing

If you are wanting to keep intruders out, and your livestock in and safe, get an electric fence! A lot safer than barbed wire, electric fencing is a way to protect your property without having to worry about any accidents with your animals. If you are interested in getting electric fence installation in Plano, TX, call the fencing contraction at DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

How Dangerous Is Electric Fence Wire?

People automatically assume that electric fencing is inhumane and dangerous, when it is actually a safer fencing method than a lot of other options. Barbed wire is good for preventing intruders, but animals have a hard time seeing the thin wires, and especially horses, will get tangled in the wires and require emergency vet visits. Just like how humans learn something is painful, like putting your hand on a burner, to remove it and never do it again,animals associate the same thing. If they bump into the electric fence, the wire sends an electric shock through the posts into the ground which shocks their hooves. The animals psychologically experience the fence with the unpleasant experience and stay away from it, preventing any escapes. The same shocks will be felt to anyone who tries to cross over the fence.

Electric Fencing Installation and Repair

Protect Your Livestock and Keep Intruders Out With Electric Fence Wire

Electric fences can get damaged like all things running on electricity, so it is important to regularly check and maintain it to avoid malfunctions or short circuiting. You also have the option of turning the electric fence off and on if you wish. Unlike barbed wire, you can easily uninstall and move electric fencing to different areas if you desire, where barbed wire fencing is mounted deep into the ground. For a cheaper, safer, and more portable security farm fencing option, electric fencing is the way to go! If you are interested in a safer and more durable method of security fencing for your farm and livestock, get electric fencing in Plano, TX by DFW Fence Repair! Call us today at 469-342-3003!