Safe Horse Fencing

Horses need lots of room to run, but still need to be contained when owned. A horse fence is the perfect way to allow them their freedom while still keeping them under your watch. Keep your beloved horses safe and secure with a horse fence in Plano, TX, provided by the fencing contractors at DFW Fence Repair. Call us today at 469-342-3003 for installation!

What is Horse Fencing?

A Split Rail Horse Fence Is The Most Common Form of Horse Fencing Due To Its Sturdiness

Horses require special kinds of fencing different from other forms of livestock due to their stronger and more precocious nature. More docile creatures like cattle, sheep, and goats will follow pack mentality and stay away from fencing after one figures out that it cannot get through. A horse will rub up on fences for grooming, charge against it to try and escape or when playing roughly, or come up to the barrier for feeding or human interaction. There are many forms of horse fencing, the most common are:

No Climb Mesh: A flexible metal wire fencing that has small grids to prevent a horse from stepping through the fence and getting snagged or injured. The mesh wiring can also withstand a horse stepping on it and won’t break under extreme pressure.

Wooden Split Rail: The classic horse fence, it is sturdy but expensive depending on the wood and the demand. Horses can break through the wood horse fence panels after a while, and if there wood splinters, a horse can get injured.

Electric Fence: Just like humans register that when something hurts, to not do it again, so do animals. Electric fencing for horses provide a shock to the horse and tells them to get away from the fencing, which they do.

Horse Fences Services

Keep in mind the types of horses you have, like their personalities. State laws vary on livestock fencing regulations, so be sure to know yours before getting a horse fence. For instance, in some states, it is illegal to use barbed wire as a horse fence because horses cannot see it and get seriously injured. We recommend sturdy horse fencing like split rail or pipe and cable fences. If you have any questions about horse fence installation in Plano, TX, call us today at 469-342-3003!