Pipe and Cable Fencing Installation

For a durable and low-maintenance fence for your farm, a pipe fence is a great option. It provides visibility and room for your animals to stick their heads through, but is strong enough that they cannot ram it down. If you are interested in getting a cable fence or pipe fence in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

What Is The Difference Between A Pipe Fence and Cable Fence?

A Pipe Fence Is Durable and Thick, But Provides Visibility and Room For Animals To Stick Their Heads Out Without Escaping or Getting Hurt

Pipe Fence: A pipe fence are the metal fences seen in corrals. They have horizontal piping bars and the bars are spaced out about a foot for complete visibility, but not enough for animals to get through. Pipe fencing can be customized by having different materials used as the bars and only having the pipes as posts. Common replacements are wire, barbed wire, mesh, or cable. This is where the term pipe and cable fence comes from. Having all piping is the best option for safety and durability.

Cable Fence: If you want nearly unobstructed views and virtual transparency, get cable fencing. Tightly woven metal cable wires are used as the horizontal rails. This is beneficial as they provide more give, so if a horse gets tangled in the fencing, they can get loose. Horses get tangled in fencing quite often, so it is imperative that they can escape unharmed. To protect horses’ manes from getting caught in the cable, you get also get plastic sheeting wrapped around the ends where the wire meets the posts.

Pipe and Cable Fence Springs Services

Protect your livestock and horses by getting a pipe fence or cable fence in Plano, TX. Pipe and cable fence springs are durable and flexible, so curious horses won’t get tangled in the fencing like they would with other types. If you get pipe and cable fencing combined together, the top beam is made from pipe, but the lower beams are flexible cable wires which prevent injuries. Considerably cheaper than wood and providing more visibility, a pipe fence and cable fence is a great fencing option for your farm.