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Help protect your property and loved ones with fencing! Whether you are looking to encompass your entire home or company, or just want a small picket fence around your garden, we are the fencing company to call! Our fencing contractors at DFW Fence Repair can stain, repair, install, or replace any fence. For a fencing company in Plano, TX you can rely on, call us today at 469-342-3003 for a free quote!

Services Our Fence Company Provides

Our Fence Repair Company Can Have Your Fencing Looking Like New Again!

Depending on the use of the fence will determine which material is best for you. A commercial business will benefit more from a more secure fence like a fence that has an automatic gate or a security gate. Many public commercial properties like parks, playgrounds, and schools will have chain link fences. It separates children from strangers and cars but allows them to still be seen. If you want complete privacy and do not want to be seen at all, security fences like chain link and wrought iron are not recommended. Instead, try wood fences. They are often 8 feet or higher and can be customized to provide “windows” like lattice or intersecting metal so you can see outside.

In Texas, many people have farms and ranches. Keep your livestock and horses corralled and safe with properly installed and maintained fencing from our fencing company. Keep your pets and kids safe as well when by the pool with residential pool safety fences. A lot of people can build their own fences, but that doesn’t mean it will be long lasting. For quality materials that outlast other fencing and other fence companies, DFW Fence Repair is the ideal choice. Click on the links below to learn more about the services we provides for fences, like fence repair, installation, replacement, and more.

  • Fence Repair Fences can get damaged from weather, intruders, playful kids and dogs, and even random accidents. Call us for repairs today!
  • Fence Staining Fence staining is a coating applied to wood fencing that soaks into the wood to prevent rotting and damage from water and insects occurring.
  • Fence Replacement Whether you only need a section of your fence replaced or the whole thing, we are the fencing company to call for fence replacement!
  • Pool Safety Fences Pool safety fences barricade your pool to prevent children and pets from being able to get into the pool and to prevent traumatic drowning accidents.
  • Security Fences Security fences keep intruders out,. They come in the form of wrought iron with spikes, concrete, or vertical metal poles.
  • Wrought Iron Fences If you want a classic and Gothic look, wrought iron fencing is the way to go! Commonly seen in historic towns, these fences can last!
  • Custom Fence Design Want a fence that nobody else has? Call us for custom fence design and express yourself through your fence!
  • Chain Link Fences Chain link fences may look weak but are strong, surviving cars smashing into them, which is why construction workers use them on the highway.
  • Picket Fences If you want the classic American look, a white picket fence will achieve it. This goes great with feminine homes or gardens.
  • Pine / Cedar Fences Pine and cedar are what wood fences are made out of. Each has their pros and cons, and clicking on the link can tell you more.
  • Emergency Fence Repair If your fence has fallen and left your home vulnerable to trespassers, call us now for emergency roof repair! We will be there quickly and can repair your roof the same day on site!

Call Our Fencing Company for Repairs or Installation

Fence styles say a lot about the homeowner and can be an extension of your personal style. If you want a cute look, go for a picket fence. Wrought iron fences with spikes give off the Gothic European vibe. Or completely customize your own fence and make it all you! With so many fencing options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. That is why the fencing contractors at DFW Fence Repair are always here to help you. We can answer any questions you have about durability, longevity, appearance, price, and more. Call our fencing company in Plano, TX today at 469-342-3003!