Affordable Chain Link Fences

While it is not very visually appealing, you can’t deny that chain link fencing isn’t durable. Ever try to climb one as a kid? You didn’t make it very high up, probably, because that is the intention of the formulaic shapes of the steel wires. For a long lasting and cost effective fencing option, a chain link fence is the best choice. For chain link fence installation in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

Chain Link Fencing Benefits

Don’t base your opinions on this fence completely on the way it looks and write it off. Chain link fencing actually has a lot of benefits! This fencing material is commonly seen in playgrounds, sports fields, and even correctional facilities. It is so strong, that it can contain felons! Here are some great benefits that chain link fencing has:

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Adjustable: While most of these fences are usually 3-12 feet tall, chain link fence parts are made to be taller if needed.

Cost: Wood is an extremely expensive material since it is one-of-a-kind and all natural. Since metal can be easily duplicated, remodeled, and molded, more chain link fences can be mass produced. This lowers the cost significantly, making it one of the cheapest fencing materials.

Visible But Secure: The holes the diamond-bend steel wires create allow visual access, but prevents actual physical access. You can still see what is going on past the fence, but no one can get to you through the fence. It is also really great if you live on a corner or busy street, as this tough metal fencing can withstand cars crashing through them. That is why construction workers use chain link fencing when doing highway construction.

Little Maintenance: Compared to other fencing systems, chain link fencing has virtually no maintenance needed. Wood fencing has to be stained and reapplied over the years to prevent warping and rotting. Metal can rust, but getting vinyl coverings over the wires can help prevent corrosion. It can also be a health and safety preventative, should anyone get pricked by a loose or bent wire.

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Unlike wood fencing, a chain link fence won’t rot or be eaten away by insects either. While there is less privacy, there are far greater benefits. If you are interested in getting a chain link fence for your home or business in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.