Impenetrable Security Fences

Residential and commercial property owners alike can both agree that they don’t want unwelcome intruders on their land. A way to prevent this is by getting security fencing. A security fence makes it hard for potential thieves or trespassers to climb the fencing. There are many different types of security fences available depending on your property or business and what you are trying to keep out. If you are interested in getting security fencing for your Plano, TX home or business, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

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Tall Vertical Metal Bars and Spikes Make Wrought Iron A Great Security Fencing Choice

The most popular type of security fencing is the metal fence. Wrought iron has vertical bars with no connecting horizontal bars to place feet to get a good grip. This prevents people from being able to use the fence as a boost and leap over. The bars are also thin and spaced out a few inches, providing plenty of vantage point. This see-through form of fencing prevents burglars from hiding behind it like they can with solid security fences. Wrought iron fences also have the option of installing pointed or spiked posts at the top for added protection. Made of iron, this form of fencing cannot be cut through like chain link fencing can with bolt cutters and is secured into the ground with concrete.

Concrete walls are great for industrial and commercial properties. Solid concrete is smooth, with no bars or ridges at all to get a grip on, preventing burglary. It also provides a lot of other benefits too, like being a noise reducer, weather and bomb resistant, and installs very quickly with no maintenance afterwards!

Electric fences are available as an option, but are not recommended for residential areas with a lot of playful children and pedestrians. This fencing is good for remote properties like farms or commercial properties. Chain link is a great fencing material for basic security measures, but if you are looking at impenetrable protection, choose another option. Chain link is easily cut through with bolt cutters and someone can slip inside. The diamond shapes the wires form in the fencing also provide leverage and support for climbing.

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