Access Control Gates Services

Keypads Like These Are Often Next To Security Gate Access Control Systems in Community Complexes Like Apartments

If you are needing a gate that provides a lot of security for both residential and commercial properties, access control gates are fantastic options. From full-on motion sensor lifting gates commonly seen on commercial and industrial sites to less extreme remote control or keypad gate access control systems that homeowners use, there is an access gate control system for everyone. Call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 for gate access control installation in Plano, TX today.

How Do Gate Access Control Systems Work?

There are many forms of access control gates, and depending on your security needs, and whether you are a residential or commercial property determines that.

Maximum Security: Of course high security areas are going to need high security gates to monitor what is coming in and out of the complex. With gates that have be authorized to be lifted up, access control gates work very well in places like prisons and airports.

Public Transportation: Not all access control gates have to be large enough to fit cars. Small gates like those that you have to swipe your metrocard on to get on the New York Subway are also access controlled-because you have to have some sort of access, like a prepaid card to control the gate lifting up.

Parking Garages Usually Have Gate Access Control Systems, Especially If They Are Paid Parking

Public Parking Garages: The most identifiable of the gate access control systems, public parking garages often have gates at the entrances and exits to control traffic or to make potential users pay to access a spot and park their car there.

Single Family Residence: A lot of homes will have a security camera or keypad for that extra level of protection at the gate. If you have an automatic gate, most of these come with remote controls which are access controlled.

Multi Family Residence: Nicer complexes like hotels, apartments, colleges, and dormitories often have parking garages to house the large number of residents. If there is no parking garage, there is most likely an estate gate at the front of the building that is automatic and access controlled to allow only residents and guests inside.

Do Your Access Control Gates Need Repairs?

Since gate access control systems are primarily used for security and traffic control purposes, when they malfunction, huge disasters can happen. That is why DFW Fence Repair takes great care to install your access gate control system properly and securely. If you should ever need repairs, you can call our gate contractors at 469-342-3003 for gate access control repairs in Plano, TX.