Automatic Gate Repair

Once you have an automatic gate, it is pretty hard to live without. The added security and convenience just makes life a little easier. So when your gate breaks or stops working, life can get frustrating. Don’t get trapped inside or outside your driveway and call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today for automatic gate repair in Plano, TX!

Automatic Gate Repair and Troubleshooting

Don’t Get Locked Out And Get Automatic Gate Repair From Our Contractors Today!

Common automatic gate repair issues include the gate getting stuck or not opening or closing. When temperatures get below freezing, the gears can freeze too, preventing the gate from sliding or swinging open like it is supposed to. Reckless drivers can hit the gate, knocking it off the track, or the pulley can get jammed and prevent it from shutting. Especially for sliding automatic gates, the tracks need to be clear of any debris so that the wheels can slide through without the gate getting stuck. Even something like too much leaves or pooled water can cause your gate to get jammed. The list of troubleshooting issues is endless!

Automatic sliding gates require more maintenance than their swinging gate counterparts. On a swinging gate, hinges are the only thing that move the gate and could break down. On the sliding gate, tracks, pulleys, gears, wheels, chains, and more could all become damaged and need to be fixed. While it might seem like the disadvantages of automatic gates seem to outweigh the advantages, all of these problems can be avoided by having a regular maintenance routine. Checking your gate for damages, replacing batteries in your remote, and keeping the gears in the gate properly lubricated could be all that’s needed to prevent a major malfunction and you stuck outside.

Do You Need Automatic Gate Repairs?

A lot of automatic gates are access controlled. They may open using a remote, keypad, intercom, or by more methods. These more technological security measures require more advanced repairs and should only be done by trained and experienced professionals, like those at DFW Fence Repair. For regular automatic gate repair in Plano, TX, call our gate contractors at 469-342-3003 today.