Commercial Gate Services

Commercial Gates Can Come in Many Forms, and Provide Differing Levels of Security and Aesthetics

Nobody wants unwanted visitors roaming around their property at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, many people think they can do that on commercial properties. You can take back control of your property by installing commercial gates for security. Whether you are a popular business that needs help trafficking all the cars and pedestrians, or need extra protection to protect your business, store front, windows, and doors from damages and theft, DFW Fence Repair can help. We can repair your commercial gates in Plano, TX when you call us at 469-342-3003.

Dependable Commercial Automatic Gate Systems

While security may be the most common reason that companies purchase gates, many also get them to boost appearance. Smaller, chic, or quaint businesses would benefit from swinging wooden commercial gates that still provide a lot of security and privacy but add a beautiful and elegant charm. For industrial properties, tough gates like chain link or access control that require authorization are recommended. Depending on the type of commercial business you are, any type of gate will be strong enough to provide security. Iron works for both sliding and swinging commercial gates and can be painted over in neon colors to function as access control gates. Commercial automatic gate systems are also typically made of iron and are seen at the entrances of complexes or communities. A lot of these will also be equipped with access control systems like closed circuit TVs, keypads, or security cameras to monitor who enters and exits the property. While solar gates do save money on energy bills, they are not recommended for commercial properties. Solar gates only store enough UV energy to open a gate 10 times per day. Being a commercial business, you will be using your gate a lot more than that and it will quickly become unusable.

Most People Think of The Electric Access Control Gates When They Think of Commercial Gates

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Having a gate not only helps to ensure protection of your assets, but it helps boost curb appeal. Places with gates feel fancier, better maintained, and newer, making people want to visit and see if they get the same treatment. Whether you are looking to install a gate on your commercial property for the first time or are getting repairs, DFW Fence Repair is the company to call for all services regarding commercial gates in Plano, TX. Call us at 469-342-3003 if you have any questions or to learn more.