Gate Types in Plano, TX

There Are Many Types of Gates, So Be Sure To Explore Your Options Before Picking One

If you have a fence, you need a gate to be able to get to the other side of the fence. Whether you need one installed, replaced, or repaired, DFW Fence Repair is the company to call for all your gate services. Our gate company has knowledge and experience dealing with many different types of gates and are happy to offer our services to you. Call us at 469-342-3003 to learn more about the types of gates we service in Plano, TX.

Different Types of Gates

Depending on what you use your gate for will determine what type of gate you need. If you are a commercial or residential property that has experienced burglary or lives in a dangerous area, a security gate is recommended. If you have large land or a nice home, an estate gate will serve your residence nicely as it announces your home upon entrance. Driveway gates nowadays are automatic for convenience and safety purposes, and they come in sliding or swinging styles. You can also get them customized with remote control access, intercom, security camera, keypad, and more security methods! Wooden gates are elegant, and provide a ranch-style effect, even if you don’t live on a farm. In fact, many coastal homes have wooden doors as metal will rust from the salt water and air. For an affordable yet durable gate, chain link has always been a favorite amongst both residential and commercial owners. Wrought iron gates provide elegance and protection, and can be used as large gates or small pedestrian gates like an entrance to a courtyard. If you are wanting to save the planet while you save money, cool new inventions like solar gates let you use stored sunlight to operate your gate system.

Certain Types of Gates Are Easily Blendable and Customizable into Any Fence Type

With so many options to choose from, we understand if it can be overwhelming trying to choose the best gate for you out of the types of gates mentioned. Our fence and gate company is here to help you with any questions you may have about installation, maintenance, budget, and more. Call us today at 469-342-3003 for a free estimate!

Dependable Gate Company

Below are the different types of gates that we service in the Plano, TX area. Click on the links to learn more about each gate type. Some gates will need more service than others, like automatic gate systems that have a lot of mechanical parts. We have also provided a section about gate repair services. If you are interested in getting a matching fence, we provide full-service fencing as well. For a dependable gate company that can provide types of gates, DFW Fence Repair is your first choice!

  • Custom Iron Gates Create your own beautiful wrought iron gate with our custom iron gate service!
  • Automatic Gates Automatic gates can range from driveway, entrance, sliding, swinging and more. No wonder they are so popular!
  • Chain Link Gates Chain link gates are the most versatile gate type on the market, being used as everything from pedestrian to automatic gates.
  • Driveway Gates Driveway gates block off your home from the outside world, protecting your family and allowing your children to play outside under your watchful eye.
  • Electric Gates Electric gates are similar to automatic gates, but are typically the gates you see in parking garages that rise up when you pay the meter.
  • Estate Gates Estate gates are usually found at the entrance of a property but can be used as a driveway gate to make a bold statement.
  • Security Gates Security gates help keep loved ones inside protected and unwanted visitors outside and away. Gates are 8 feet and taller and impossible to climb.
  • Pool Gates Pool gates allow adults to enter the swimming area but prevent children and pets from accessing it and falling in.
  • Solar Gates Solar gates use the energy of the sun to operate the gate’s motor system, opening and closing it.
  • Wood Gates Wood gates are sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful gate systems that can be customized much like iron gates can.
  • Sliding Gates Sliding gates are extremely popular because they don’t take up much space, are quick, and can come in many forms.
  • Swing Gates Swing gates are cheaper than sliding gates but require more room to open, but has less installation and maintenance requirements.