Chain Link Fence Gate Services

Whether you are needing a small gate to go with your residential fence, or are needing something bigger like a commercial security gate, chain link is a great and multipurpose fencing and gate material. For chain link fence gate installation or repair in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

Durable Chain Link Gate Installation

This Chain Link Fence Gate Is Manually Swung Open, and Is Secured With a Padlock

A chain link fence gate is very customizable when it comes to increasing its security. You can add mesh panels over the gate to make it harder to cut and see through. Adding a padlock to chain the gate to the fence is another deterrent to keep people from crawling through the space in between the fence and gate post. While noisy as the metal wires jangle as the gate is slid open, a chain link sliding gate works well at protecting homes and buildings from car crashes. Many commercial complexes have a sliding chain link fence gate after one too many drunk drivers have rammed into their building. Chain link can withstand the weight of a 2 ton car without breaking, which is why construction workers surround themselves with it when working on the highway.

A great thing about chain link fence gates is that they are so versatile. Unlike many other types of materials that can only be used for one or two gate types, like swinging or sliding, chain link can be used in every gate type! Chain link slide gates, whether automatic or manual are common with commercial properties. Chain link swing gates are used for facilities and industrial buildings. Public properties like playgrounds and libraries that have chain link fences often have pedestrian walk gates in the fences.

Chain Link Fence Gates Services

Affordable and low maintenance, chain link fence gates provide easy security. You can get whatever height you need with a chain link gate, and their long-lasting durability makes them a favorite among both residential and commercial properties. If you need repair of your chain link gate, we also provide gate repair. Call us today at 469-342-3003 for chain link fence gate service in the Plano, TX area.