Custom Iron Gate Installation

Want a secure yet beautiful gate for your home or business? Wrought iron gates can be customized to appear in many different formats, giving it a versatile edge over its competitors. Here at DFW Fence Repair, we provide custom iron gate making and installation services. If you are wanting a wrought iron gate, but all the pre-built ones you have seen are not to your liking, create your own! Call us at 469-342-3003 for our custom iron gate services in Plano, TX.

Wrought Iron Gates Services

Mix and Match Textures, Like Iron, Brick, and Mesh For Unique and Eye Catching Fencing and Gates

While iron gates are more expensive than other types of gates, they last longer and require minimal maintenance. Wrought iron gates are great security gates, as the vertical iron rails made would-be intruders have a difficult time trying to get a foothold to climb over. You can also get spikes or posts added to the top of your iron gate for added protection and to provide a more Gothic look. Studies show that residential homes that have a gate are less likely to be burglarized as thieves find it too much work. Of course, gates are needed to protect commercial properties, and many have sliding iron that is coated or painted over.

Iron looks good with everything, and you can customize your gate by having it mixed with wood, other types of metal, brick, or whatever else you desire. If you already have a wrought iron fence, you can get a custom iron gate that matches and creates a seamless blend. Or go bold and divert from your fence texture to create an eye-catching gate! The possibilities are endless!

We Make Custom Iron Gates!

You don’t have to use a wrought iron gate just for security, though. Wrought iron gates can also be used for decoration. Many people get a custom iron gate for their gardens or embellish them with their ranch or family crest and place it at the front of their estate. Whatever you decide to do with your custom iron gate, know that you are getting decades of durability and beauty out of it. For custom iron gate service in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.