Driveway Gates Installation

Most carjackings and grand theft autos happen in someone’s own driveway. That is because they are distracted and defenseless, looking for keys or getting items to bring inside the home. Installing a driveway gate can prevent this traumatic event and keep your loved ones and property safe. With a driveway gate, you can immediately and quickly enter your property and close the gate behind you, preventing anybody from following. If you are interested in getting driveway gates installation in Plano, TX, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

How Does a Driveway Gate Work?

A Driveway Gate Boosts Property Value By Providing Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

There are two kinds of driveway gates: manual or automatic with control access. An automatic driveway gate works with a control access remote that the homeowner pushes when in range to open the gate. A manual driveway gate is pushed open, or can have an intercom in front that alerts the homeowner that someone is there. If you choose a manual gate, sliding gates are the most secure, as intruders can still enter with the amount of time it takes to close a swinging gate.

If you are wanting to protect your keep a watchful eye on your children and pets, driveway gates supply that. These gates provide kids and pets freedom to roam your property without leaving it or your sight. Driveway gates also boost property value, as not many homes have them, but a lot of homeowners want them. The gates are also 8 feet tall or higher, preventing intruders from climbing over them.

Driveway gates come in many styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. You can get yours made of metal or wood. You can also have your driveway gate be sliding, swinging, or solar powered. DFW Fence Repair even provides custom gate services as well, so we can make you your own custom driveway gates! Automatic driveway entrance gates can experience technical difficulties and break down, so our team provides automatic gate repair.

Driveway Entrance Gates Repairs and Installations

Driveway gates are complicated to install. You have to ensure that cars can easily pass through and that the structures will fit your driveway. Installation and repairs should only be done by qualified professionals, like the fencing and gate contractors at DFW Fence Repair. If you need driveway gate services in Plano, TX, call us at 469-342-3003 today.