Electric Gates Installation

Electric Gates Run on a Motor To Slide or Swing Open and Closed When Commanded

If you are wanting your property to be secure, electric gates are a great defense. Coming in a wide variety of styles, you will have many options of the finish, design, and type of electric gate you choose. An electric gate will improve security of your home while providing an attractive entrance point. For installation or repair of electronic gates in Plano, TX, contact the fencing and gate contractors at DFW Fence Repair by calling 469-342-3003.

Electric Gate Installers

An electric fence gate encompasses many types of fences and gates. It is actually the category of what all automated gates fall under. Gates like vertical lift, access control, swing, or sliding gates are all electric gates if they require batteries or electricity for the motor to push the gate open. The most common form of electric gates would be the automated driveway gate. This type will automatically close behind you once you drive through so you don’t have to get out of the car to shut the gate. That’s great for residential properties, commercial complexes like apartments, and even large landowners like farmers. Many electric fence gates come with remote controls, intercoms, keypads, or motion sensors that help increase security. All of these extra technical add-ons are very beneficial, but they can break down, along with the electric gate. If that happens, we here at DFW Fence Repair do provide electric gate repair for gates like automated or access control. We provide these services for both residential and commercial properties.

Call For Electric Gate Repair or Installation

It takes a trained and experienced contractor to be able to install and repair and electric fence. Many fencing contractors are only experts in traditional fencing and don’t know how to repair gates, let alone electronic ones. Be sure to research your contractors to ensure you are getting licensed fencers that will provide quality service, like the members at DFW Fence Repair. We strive to provide a secure and functioning gate that will provide beauty and protection for decades. For our electronic gates services in Plano, TX, call us today at 469-342-3003!