Durable Security Gates

If you are wanting a gate for your property that can keep out intruders, get a security gate! Security gates are designed specifically to get unwanted visitors out and can come in a variety of styles. If you think security gates would be beneficial for your Plano, TX residential or commercial property, call DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

What Do Security Gate Systems Do?

A Security Gate Can Be Complex and Have an Intercom and Security Camera or Simpler, Depending on Needs and Budget

A security gate system can be automatic or manual. If manual, they involve a lock and key. If automatic, the security gates will run on a motor and will have a remote control or intercom that is connected to it. The automatic gate will open when the owner of the remote pushes for access into the property, and closes when the car passes through the gate. Automatic gates are great for commercial complexes like apartments and hotels and can deter non paying residents from entering the premises since the gate will close after a resident enters the password or uses their remote. Manual lock and key gates can work with either residential or commercial properties, but are recommended to be installed on tall and durable fences that intruders cannot climb. Security gates can come in the form of sliding or swinging gates, and are made of tough materials like iron.

For residential homes, you can make a security gate appear softer and blend into the neighborhood by having it look a little more inviting and less industrialized, while still keeping its impenetrable features. A good material that can give it the residential look while still providing durability is wrought iron. For a tough look, getting an industrialized security gate for commercial properties can help scare away potential burglars.

Get Your Gate Security System Today!

Protect your property and loved ones with a security gate system. If you have an automatic gate system, be mindful that it will need maintenance from time to time as technical difficulties do arise. We here at DFW Fence Repair do provide automatic gate repair and access control gate repair if you are having any issues with your security gates. Protect your property, valuables, and loved ones with a secure and impenetrable security gate systems in Plano, TX. Call us today at 469-342-3003 for installations!