Convenient Sliding Gates

Whether you are needing a grand estate gate or an automatic driveway gate, a sliding gate is a great option for protecting and decorating your home. There are manual and automatic kinds of sliding gates. Sliding gates also look good in any material, from wood to wrought iron to chain link. If you are interested in getting a sliding gate for your home or business in the Plano, TX area, call DFW Fence Repair today at 469-342-3003.

Sliding Gate Benefits

Sliding Gates Can Be Installed on Slopes and Operate Perfectly!

Increased Security: If automatic, a slide gate will close right behind a car as it passes through, preventing anyone from following behind. This prevents intruders from entering your property or carjackings from happening as you spend too much time in the driveway without a barrier.

Can Be Automatic or Manual: Manual sliding gates are typically seen on farms or low traffic areas where you get out of your car to open the gate, drive through, and close and lock it behind you. Some homeowners have manual sliding gates as they are cheaper than automatic versions and require less maintenance. Automatic sliding gates are more convenient and can be operated by a remote, intercom, or keypad.

Less Space Needed to Install: With a swinging gate, a lot of space is required not only horizontally for the gate to fit, but vertically for the doors to swing open. With a sliding gate, you only have to worry about available horizontal space.

Can Be Installed on a Steep Slope: A swinging gate needs a flat ground in order to properly open and close, or else it would be dangling off an uneven edge. With a sliding gate, you don’t have to worry about that! Sliding gates can be installed on sleep slopes and still operate just fine!

We Can Install Your Sliding Gates!

A sliding gate cannot have spikes added on top to prevent people climbing overhead like a swing gate can, because the sliding gate has to retract and rail heads could get stuck inside. Even with a manual sliding gate, maintenance will be required over time as the wheels, motors, or track could wear out, break, or rust from overuse or exposure from the elements. If you need sliding gate installation or repairs in Plano, TX, call us today at 469-342-3003.