Energy Efficient Solar Gates

If you are looking to save money on your energy bill, a way to do that and not put as much wear on your frequently used gate is to get a solar powered gate! Solar powered gates were once only for the elite like all things solar-powered, but are now way more affordable and being seen in more residential homes. If you want to save money and the environment, than solar gates are the way to go. For installation of solar powered gates in Plano, TX, call the fencing and gate contractors at DFW Fence Repair at 469-342-3003 today.

What Are Solar Powered Gates?

A Solar Panel Is Placed Near the Gate in Direct Direct To Absorb the Sun’s Rays and Use It To Power the Gate

A solar panel attaches to any moving gate, so if you have an automatic, sliding, or swinging gate, a solar powered panel will work fine with it. If your property sees 8 or more hours of unobstructed daylight each day, then a solar gate can work for you. If your fence and gate area is surrounded by trees or tall buildings, sunlight can be blocked and the gate won’t be able to collect enough solar energy to operate. In the 8 hours that a solar powered gate collects energy, it has enough power to open and close a maximum of 10 times that day. If your property sees a lot of traffic, then your gate’s solar power will quickly be used up by midday and no longer open. If you do use your gate constantly throughout the day, a standard automatic gate is recommended instead.

Benefits of Solar Gates

Many solar powered gates owners find that they will get tax breaks from installing this energy efficient product, up to 30 percent! Since there are no wires required, installation is much quicker with solar powered gates because there is no need for trenching or digging to place wires underground. Solar powered gates will work in cold weather as long as there is sunlight, but a batter heater might be required to prevent the solar charger regular from freezing. If you have any questions about solar powered gates in Plano, TX and if they are the right fit for you, call DFW Fence Repair today at 469-342-3003.