Wood Gate Installation Services

Here in Texas, we sure love our wood finishes. Not only are things made out of wood durable and long-lasting, but they are beautiful and finely crafted. The same applies to wood fence gates. Whether it is just a small gate in between your fence or a dramatic estate gate, we here at DFW Fence Repair can provide you with superior wood gates services in the Plano, TX area. Call us today at 469-342-3003 to learn more about wood gates.

Benefits of Wood Gates

You Can Opt For Sold Wood Gates Or Paneled Gates With Visibility

Wood gates come in a multitude of styles and types. From cedar to pine, and from tall privacy fences to custom estate gates carved with intricate designs or your company logo or family crest. There are tons of possibilities with wood.

Wood is thick, providing a great barrier and being a great defense against outsiders. Depending on how you style your gate, if you opt for no panels or rails and have a solid gate, passers by cannot look inside your property or climb over easily with no footholds. If the wood gate does get damaged, it is easy to repair and replace as wood is much cheaper to replace than metal is.

For a country and homey feel, getting the classic five panel wood gate is very inviting. For ultimate privacy, a solid gate is a great choice. If you want to be able to see out but people cannot see in, having a row of cut out panels on the top of your gate is a nice option. There are so many styles you can choose from, and custom making your gate with the help from our gate contractors can help you achieve your artistic vision.

Get Your Wood Gate Installation Today

Swinging and sliding gates go great with wood. For a classic and sleek feel, choose sliding. For a rustic or vintage feel, a swinging gate would go great in areas like a garden or entrance.Getting  your wood fence gates stained is recommended to help prevent wood rot, expansion from moisture retention, and termite infestation. The staining will not prevent the wood from changing colors naturally as it ages, which is an added benefit that only wood provides. Dial 469-342-3003 for the fence and gate contractors at DFW Fence Repair to install or repair wood gates in your Plano, TX area today!